Who should receive money tips?

Not so long ago, we were an average investor who adhered to conventional investment practices, like most people. Almost all my investments revolted around stocks, bonds and after consulting the portfolios of television experts and financial publications. So I noticed a problem and the problem was that it did not work. Not only that, but my account did not even follow the global market and paid taxes to people who really did not know better than I did. In one case, a broker I worked with told me about a great deal I wanted to do for another company in the same industry. It turns out that the company I wanted to buy was bought by another company at a much higher price. The company that my broker talked to bought eventually broke. In fact, every time I talked to him, he assured me his business was fine. It was a turning point for me to learn to invest alone.

As I immersed myself in investment education, I began to learn many tricks and tips for making money in other areas such as buildings and options. I was able to earn decent money on my own by investing in these areas. I also got to know other investors through this process and then I had an epiphany. You see, I realized that many investment professionals give the same worthless rhetoric. He realized that it was because everyone had to go through the same tests to certify them as investment advisers and brokers. For example, brokers have to pass the 7th exam, while financial advisors test and generally execute the PCP program. The problem is that all of these exams require you to retrieve the same nonsensical data. These data are wrong and are generally exceeded. For example, it will shout at you that you can get an average 7-8% return on the stock market for long periods of time. This is also what most financial advisors will tell you because they were what they learned from their financial class and in response to an exam they were to pass. It is not intended to give you bad money advice; they just do not know better because they just say what they say to be true. This serious mistake leads people to a destructive path. In fact, if this advice worked, why so many retirees who still work in grocery stores in their golden years? At that moment, I realized that everything was wrong. I knew from my upbringing that diversification was more than having different stocks and bonds in a retirement account. Then something strange happened ...

In fact, I started to enter the real estate market and walk around the elbows with very wealthy people. I discovered that they did not do any of the things the financial gurus tell us to do. They had lots of gold, silver, rare coins and antiques. They also had businesses and buildings. They could care less about pension accounts because they were just concerned about passive income. They had interests in tax guarantees, oil and gas companies, and had full life insurance policies that paid dividends at the highest historical level even when you took out a policy loan. The conclusion was simple; these rich people know things I've never heard of. They also know more about how to invest in tax advantage than most accountants. My mind was burned.

So, end the question with which I started. Whom do you get the money advice? Is it from the traditional Tom that he is a licensed broker and a CFP or is it from Rich Rick who owns rent, business and seems like it never really works? It's so obvious when you think the best money tips would come from someone who is already rich! So this is my answer for everyone in the blogosphere. Find a rich person you know, bring along at lunch and ask them how they invest their money. If you do not know someone who fits the account, find someone who is richer than you ask. They guarantee that your answers will surprise you and do not care because they like to talk about money.

Jamie holds an MBA from Rutgers University and a Professional Certificate in Real Estate Finance, Investments and Development at NYU. He traded stocks since the age of 13 and bought his first property during a year of graduation. He also reversed his properties and left before the mortgage meltdown in 2008 because he could see the market before it happened. Two companies started

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